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Used P&H Aries 15.5 For Sale

Used  P&H Aries 15.5 Sea Kayak


Are you looking for the iconic P&H Aries? This is the loose, maneuverable, playful sea kayak in composite materials. This is one of the best models on the market for paddlers to paddle moving water.

Yellow over white with keel strip, yellow seam, yellow cockpit coaming.

This kayak has four hatches, two round 10″ kayaksport hatches, plus a 7 inch day hatch, and a 4″ forehatch. The outfitting is the connect style outfitting complete with adjustable thigh grips. I added a custom keel strip in yellow for additional wear protection. This kayak has been lightly used for one season. You could easily pack this kayak for up to a week and it also comes with a drop skeg to allow for better tracking in the wind. I find it to be very stable and very fun.

The price is $2400, without shipping. Shipping is paid by the buyer. The kayak will only be sold in US.