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Tom Waits Glitter and Doom Press Release Video

The keyword is PEHDTSCKJMBA! For Tom Waits tour of the Southwest United States this summer. Look out Tom Will be coming to a town near you!

For those with a hankering to see Tom I think this video is welcome news. I did prefer his last tour press release where he said he said the whole reason he went on tour was that he had some business in Illinois, and a guy in Indiana owed him money. There was no Youtube video for the last press release though….

I don’t think I will be fortunate enough to travel to See Tom Waits live. My fortunate time was seeing him in Detroit with Dad in 2005.


  1. What a blow-away concert. We saw The Man in Birmingham. I saw him once before in L.A., at the Wiltern Theatre. Awsome.
    -Tom Conboy tjconboy611@hotmail.com

  2. Oh yeah! I forgot your dad was with us. And now I just remembered what we saw in traffic. Whoa…eh.

    But Mr. Waits made me very very happy.