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New Valley Surf Kayak Design – IC Nemesis

New Valley Surf Kayak Design – IC Nemesis

Valley Surf Kayak IC Nemesis

Side view Valley Nemesis Surf Kayak
Valley Surf Kayak Nemesis via Rob Avery

The new valley surf kayak has been announced, the Valley Nemesis. Valley has been whispering about creating an IC Boat for some time. I heard through Valley’s US West Coast Rep Rob Avery’s Facebook wall of all places! It looks like a really hot IC boat. If you haven’t friended Rob on Facebook yet, he’s been a steady stream of news from Valley over the last few months. Though Peter Orton has also been posting news on Paddling.net for sea kayaks. I would love to link to the new product page on Valley’s Surf Kayaking website, but alas, it is still down.

I honestly don’t want to pick on Valley, but I would love to see the new website up, they’ve got a redesigned Rush and a new IC boat!

This could be a great contender for the Mega Bullitt, and some of the new Watertech IC boats, though with a finbox option it could be a really hot choice for us Great Lakes surfers looking for a big wave gun for very windy steep days.

If you’re not even sure what an IC boat is… Check out the Go Kayak Now surf kayak basics page.

Super Slick IC Surf Kayak Video

Super Slick IC Surf Kayak Video

This is pretty sick.

This guy has so much hull speed and is dropping in so late with no paddle strokes. This video is a great demonstration of what an IC Surf Kayak can do on very steep waves. 5 meters at 15 seconds, that’s 15 feet to you and me in the US of A.

A high performance surf kayak would have nose planted and the paddler would have been trashed on take-off on the majority of his rides. He is barely paddling on the majority of his drop ins.

It’s interesting to note too that he most likely has no fins. He seems to be getting good traction purely from edge control. His rides are so fluid, his bottom turns are like watching someone spread peanut butter.