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August 8, 2008
by kwikle
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Summer Surf Kayaking South Haven, Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Surf Kayaking South Haven August 8th As in many cases where kayak surfing is concerned. It is not a planned activity. It is a weather driven spontaneous event. When the leaves begin to rustle outside my window, and … Continue reading

May 30, 2008
by kwikle

Greenland Paddler Switches to Euro-the power of the darkside?

Is the Euro Paddle the power of the Dark Side? I am going to try using a euro paddle for some of my day trips and maybe even longer trips to see how I do. Is this the power of … Continue reading

January 4, 2008
by kwikle

Gear Review 2007

Had my first sub twenties commute of the year. I felt much warmer than last year. “Ninjaclava”:http://www.outdoorresearch.com/home/style/home/headware/cold_hats/balaclavas/87060 from Outdoor Research was a plus, as were the “Cyclone Booties”:http://www.pearlizumi.com/product.php?mode=view&pc_id=50&product_id=527547 from Pearl Izumi. However as I had some new gear on that … Continue reading