2010 Surf Kayak Contest Entrants

Kayaksurf.net of Portugal posted this list of entrants for 2010.

I forgot to mention from my Santa Cruz trip earlier this month that I also met Buck Johnson who will be competing in the contest in both HP and the IC class.

Here is some video from Buck of the surf comp from 2008, surf was not small that year! There are some sphincter clenching closeouts and wipeouts on this one.

And I second Luis’s question, where is Chris Harvey?

ENTRIES / Some of the confirmations:

International Men Expert
Darren Bason, Eric Connor, Dan Crandall, Steve Heigel, Jeff Hille, Chris Hobson, Geoff Jennings, Buck Johnson, Dessie McGlinchey, Sean Morley, Rick Starr, Alvaro Gonzales, Wayne Waddington.

International Womens
Devon Barker, Morlee Griswold, Kristie Koski, Jameson Riser,

High Performance Men
Darren Bason, Sterfano Bellotti, Galen Licht, Jeff Burlingham, Joe Carberry, Daren Commons, Eric Connor, Stephen Farthing, Jim Grossman, Desmond Harrington, Ian Hendricks, Jeff Hille, Chris Hobson, Ashley Hunter, Geoff Jennings, Buck Johnson, Dave Johnston, Daniel Lichterman, Dessie McGlinchey, Sean Morley, Andrew Nolan, Tob O’Brien, Randy Phillips, Jose Pinero, Matt Radis, Rusty Sage, Vince Shay, David Speller, Kurt Stuhr, Greg Whitley, Dick Wold, Marc Woolward. Where is Chris Harvey?

High Perf Womens
Jameson Riser, Devon Barker, Roberta Borsari, Rachel Krugman

Wave Ski Expert
David Brigg, Fletccer Burton, Brian Deegan, Stephen Farthing, Ed King, Ken King, Jason Kozun, Tyler Lausten, James Lohr, Jeff Munson, Mark PAstick, Bryan Reed, Rusty SAge, David Speller, Dennis St Clair, Mickey Stowell, Bix Whitcomb, Micheal Wright, Graham Meese. Where is Caro and Mattieu Barbarit?