2019 Winter Pool Sessions Announced

Greetings, Our 2019 Pool sessions have been announced. We have 8 dates in 2019 to get up to speed prior to your next paddling season. If you are interested in learning to roll, brace, and dial in your strokes prior to the white water season, or sea kayaking the Great Lakes, we would love to be a part of your journey.

We offer full paddling instruction in the Gabel Natatorium pool on WMU’s campus.

We work with Lee’s Adventure Sports for rentals and any equipment needs. So if you don’t have gear, no problem. They can help get you sorted out!

Here are the dates. They are all sundays, from 7-9pm @ Gabel Natatorium on Worner Drive.

You will need a kayak that can be rolled, a white water kayak, or a sea kayak. No rec boats. A neoprene skirt is highly recommended. As are goggles, mask and or noseplugs and a lifejacket.

The map below shows a red marker where we park and unload boats.

Cost is $55/Session Rentals from Lee’s if you mention Go Kayak Now are an astonishing $10.00