2nd Annual Ubeercross Epic Cyclocross Ride

2nd Annual Ubeercross Epic Cyclocross Ride

Jason Roon flyer, for Ubeercross Ride 2008

Jason Roon sent me the flyer for the October 18th 2008 Ride. This year we are starting at Founders at 11:00 AM and riding to Bell’s. Whew that’s convenient for Kazoo crowd! Last year we took a long time, somewhere around 6 hours, but we were playing in the mud for at least two hours. I would plan on at least 4 hours ride.

Last year was truly epic. We had beautiful weather, plenty of mud, and 40 miles of trail. Though 60+ miles in total it was the best time I’d had on a bike ever.

My report from last year tells a gruesome tale of mud, fun, and beer, if that doesn’t sell you I don’t know what will.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Ubeercross PDF Flyer