4 New Tiderace Kayaks for 2013

Tiderace Xtra in LV
Totally exciting news on the Tiderace front. 4 New models from Tiderace. You can check out the full details from Tiderace on their website. There is a bit more beauty info in this Finnish dealer workbook as well.

The short of this is that Tiderace can finally crack the poly boat market and grab some more intro level paddlers with their stellar Vortex Poly play the sea range. Further, the new Xtra will be an LV model which I know a lot of midwest folks in my area are stoked to grab onto.

The fitness boats, the Pace, continues to grab attention as more and more paddlers get into paddling for fitness and racing, the Pace series of kayaks has an exciting range of opportunities with three sizes of fitness boats. The Pace 18-21 looks pretty darn sweet.

I look forward to demoing these kayaks soon.

We will have the existing models up @ the Gales Storm Gathering.