About Us

Go Kayak Now!

We like to think of the words Go Kayak Now like the opening line of Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon, Hwoet!
It is a call to action for motion or kineticism. This is the point of life. Our culture has evolved, or some might say de-evolved into a sedentary spectator activity, rather than one of involvement and participation. You don’t need to be a superstar, a celebrity, or a star athelete to Go Kayak Now! You just have to get out on the water.

Our coaching mission is to involve everyone. But we will also push everyone. Some students we will push a little. Those that ask for it, we will push even more. We believe in progressive risk taking (baby steps) as a ladder towards skill and leadership development on the water, and in life.

Check out or upcoming list of courses for the season, and if you don’t see a class listed, it isn’t because we don’t do that, but because we are happy to do custom course offerings.