Album #13 Welcome to Mexico Asshole, Pigface - welcome to mexico asshole (US cass)

Studio albums are definitely prevalent within anyone’s collection. But sometimes the live artifact packs more punch. This is definitely the case for Pigface’s live album, Welcome to Mexico Asshole. Some of the studio recordings from Gub (increment the Steve Albini record mentions by 1), are strangely lifeless compared to their live counterparts. Their intensity and tempo just seems off on Gub. Enter the live show. Martin Atkins and Bill Reiflin drumming at the same time, probably 2 bassists, and never fewer than three guitarists.  The live shows captured and delivered that sort of quintessential 90s wax trax overdriven sound that was so fun to see live. Chris Connelly’s singing on this record has two of my favorite performances of his. Point Blank, and Stowaway. Ogre makes a couple of appearances, notably on SUCK, uttering the infamous line, a 1000 Trent Reznor’s copying me. They even covered a Skinny Puppy song TFWO in a way that is strangely catchy.

I saw Pigface about 4-5 times during this period and it was always fun. Many of us from Clarkston remember going to see these shows with great affection.