Berrien County Marine Rescue Boat Capsizes

In the search for Mitch Fajman, the Berrien County Sherrif’s Department damaged their brand new rescue boat in the surf. The boat was caught by a wave, and summarily capsized. The two deputies are doing fine, but all the electronics are ruined on the $180,000 boat. The 911 log from the incident is interesting, and also gives an idea of the value of a communication device while in the surf. Unfortunately it also highlights the massive resources spent in the search for paddlers that venture out onto the Great Lakes who underestimate the conditions, and overestimate their abilities.

The pounding of the SW Lake Michigan shoreline continues today with 40 knot Gales and 18 foot waves. For the love of peter, use some judgement folks, it’s dangerous out there. Though, I am going surfing tomorrow I think when the wind abates.

One Comment

  1. I think many paddlesport affecionados fail to realize the stupendous costs associated with Search & Rescue operations. Perhaps if they were forced to pay 10% of the bill ; word might get around to use 110% better judgement before launching from shore.