Bladerunner Final Cut DVD

I finally saw my heart’s content on the DVD previews on the 300 Movie last night.

The Bladerunner 25th Anniversary Final Cut DVD will be available for purchase Fall 2007.

Bladerunner has been my favorite movie since I first saw it in the mid-eighties. No film since Bladerunner has ever come close to creating a world so complete that I could step into it without fear of falling. When the Director’s Cut came out in 1992, I was treated with opportunity to see the film twice on the big screen in an “improved” form from the theatrical release.

The new release on DVD will include five discs of additional commentary and making of featurettes. The sort of thing most Ridley Scott fans have been trying to donate kidneys for since the film was made.

Check out the sweet case it comes in!

Ridley’s films since Bladerunner have been hit or miss of course (Alien preceded Bladerunner). Legend, Black Rain, Matchstick Men, Blackhawk Down, and Gladiator being the best of the bunch. Kingdom of Heaven, Hannibal, White Squall, 1492, and GI Jane being the worst.

I look forward to losing a good 15 hours in front of the tube with this one. For a guy without cable TV that’s a lot!

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  1. I’ve already got a buyer lined up for one of my kidneys.

    I saw previews for this at the Comic Con a couple of weeks ago. Scott may even have been there, but I wouldn’t know because I’d never go near him for fear he might eat me.