Bloyd-Peshkin’s Adventure Kayak Magazine T-Rescue Article

Bloyd Peshkin's Demonstrate a T-Rescue for Adventure Kayak Magazine

The Bloyd-Peshkin’s of Have Kayaks Will Travel , wrote this article for Adventure Kayak Magazine. Though I should mention Sharon is the writer in the family, have written an article for the canadian magazine Have Kayaks will travel.

For those of you who don’t know the Bloyd-Peshkins, I will have to introduce you to the family that some refer to as the little people kayak clan of Oak Park.

Sharon, Alec, Jeremy and Hannah (pronounced Haaaannnnaaaagh, she will correct you every time, so get it right!) started coming to WMCKA about 6 years ago. With each successive year they have come back with more and more superhuman kayaking skills. Luckily I can call them friends. And while short, they are mighty!

Alec & Sharon are both certified instructors of one sort or another (BCU/ACA/League of Superhuman Kayakers) as well as being well rounded paddlers in both white water and sea kayaking. Hannah is working on her ACA cert, and Jeremy is actually a bad-ass white water paddler in his own right. Like the rest of us Jeremy is a little bored by flat-water paddling. Mom and Dad buy that kid a surf boat!

The parents, Sharon and Alec photographed and then wrote this article on t-rescues for Adventure Kayak magazine.

Without ruining the article, I can say that from filming rescues with Sharon and Alec last spring, they definitely know their stuff. They have put a lot of thought into variations on this basic, but essential assisted rescue technique.

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  1. I’m sure it will be a good article, but I don’t think a printed article will impress upon the reader just how damn fast the Bloyd-Peshkins are at putting people back into boats!