Bonnie Prince Billy-Take However Long You Want

This man has been able to say everything that ails a man in his quiet subtle way for as long as I care to remember. I remember first hearing the Horses/Stable Will 7″ in 1993 and quietly going mad in my small room in East Lansing thinking, this guy gets it! I’ve seen Will Oldham about 4-5 times and enjoyed each performance.

I will leave you with this tune for the weekend:

take however long you want

I will be here when you haunt

you can wait here forever

by the trees alone

and I won’t be sorry when you’re gone

take however long you need

as times will wait around to be

something tall and black and glamorous

like about what you would dream

but you won’t be hanging round with me

when you’re about to go away

lie when they look you in the face

laugh and make jokes

like the others do

and at night I will be hanging out with you

I will be here

when you need to leave

and I won’t be sorry when you go

Take However Long You Want.mp3