Brian Eno on NPR-Singing for a long and healthy life

Brian Eno as a maker of many instrumental ambient recordings, (music for airports, music for films, feel the warm jets and so forth) may have surprised some with his pronouncement about singing as a key to happiness and long life on NPR’s This I believe segment.

Having been interested in Brian Eno through his work with Peter Gabriel, U2, The Talking Heads, and David Bowie, his influence on many of these artists has included the introduction of Gospel, new vocal treatment, experimenting with harmonies and vocal ranges in order to push these artists into new directions.

Brian Eno’s statement on NPR’s Segment of This I Believe is one of the best I’ve heard yet, and I have to agree with Brian Eno’s sentiment about singing. We as a family, as hokey as it might sound relish the opportunity to play music in the car or at home that we can all sing a long with. We have startled many with Sea Shanties, U2, The Beatles, Fleet Foxes, Wilco, and many more played at high volume with our caterwauling vocals. The kids enjoy it, and we feel somewhat united, if only for a brief moment in music. This feeling I think poignantly echo’s Brian Eno’s statement that singing a capella is about subsuming yourself into the community.

Have a listen to the Brian Eno segment at NPR.