Broken Social Scene from Juan’s Basement

Broken Social Scene Jams Churches under the Stairs

Brian Eno in the Lanois film, Here is What is, talked about where music came from. He said that most people assume that great music, or art comes out of thin air when as Bono always puts it, when God walks through the room.

Eno said most people would be surprised that great things come out of shit. And it is really a ton of work to make anything worthwhile. The finishing remark he made was that if most people knew that they had the capability to create something beautiful out of even their crappiest ideas, we might have a lot more good art/music.

Having listened to the finished product of Broken Social Scene’s albums one may not necessarily assume that there were many false starts or failed attempts at tunes that got reworked, and made into something worthwhile. I liked his egalitarian, humanist approach to creativity, where the playing field is leveled so that art school, and a bunch of credentials really has nothing to do with it.

Keeping this in mind, this jam of what would become the Brendan Canning tune is really fun to watch especially with Kevin Drew singing. Or it could be that I will listen to just about anything Broken Social Scene puts out. Based on my earlier review of their live show, perhaps this is true.