Captain Wikle sets sail across the horizon

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The shipwrecks of the great lakes are many, and varied. The whispers through the ages of ancient mariners, sea captains and merchant sailors can be heard if you listen. You can hear them whisper from the icy depths of our beloved, but treacherous Great Lakes, “look out for those posts”.


  1. This side of the lake is just full of fine attractions! Maybe next time we can rustle up a flooded jet ski.


  2. Somebody left captain wikle a powerboat with the keys in it, on the old stump of a pier jetty near chicago. they were either drunk or it was dark and they couldn't see it?…

  3. Not exactly "I am on the top of the world" moment…

  4. Best. Photo. Ever.

    Requires. An. Explanation.

  5. What are you doing? I didn't know that was an acceptable state for a power boat to be in.

  6. That may be the best photograph I've ever seen. "Hey dude what happened to my boat" is a close second.