Chris Hobson Kayak Surfing in Cornwall

Never let be said Chris Hobson was a stranger to eating it in pursuit of smacking the lip or getting some air. In case any of you more timid surf paddlers were wondering how you break out through the soup, Chris demonstrates admirable technique in the first segment of this short video of the parallel paddle tuck right at the lip to break through. He is headed through sizable surf as well, so believe that it works! I have not tried it in a sea kayak, and I have my doubts that this would work in a bigger kayak. Great shots of Chris getting some air later in the video as well, including the parting shot. Small wonder that he is the champ.

One Comment

  1. I wish he, or somebody remotely like him, was in OBX last week to provide an existence theorem for getting off the beach. They could have shown me it was possible to paddle out through the endless soup and dumping waves.

    Then again, there were no surfers out either for 5 out of 7 days, either.