Crazy for you but not that crazy

The only problem with being crazy is that you don’t recognize your own behavior as insane. But if today was any indication of sanity, I might have displayed it. I drove to Silver Beach to surf after the Grand Mere Grind, 10k trail race. I took one look at the beach there and decided the north side of the pier would be better for surfing. So I drove over to Tiscornia park. I suited up while the windsurfers were changing sails. Storm sails are smaller surface area sails for days like today. I walked my kayak down to the beach and waited patiently for the water to come to me. The wind nearly ripped the paddle from my hands and blew it to Traverse city. Tiny ponds of abandoned waves were high on the beach, and the 40 knot gale blew whitecaps and spray in these little miniature lakes above the high water mark. I pictured a miniature kayaker waiting on the shore for a wave to come and annihilate this miniature universe. I waited a while and then finally a big wave broke right near shore and I paddled hard in three inches of water to get out. I looked back and my little mini lake was gone.

I made it out to about the third set of breakers where I saw some curling dumpers with a huge amount of sand in the water, signifying a nasty rip current. In five short minutes of trying to break out past the first few sets I was blown halfway to Rocky Gap, which is about a mile down the beach from Tiscornia. I got dunked three times tail to nose pitchpole without ever really being “ready”. I almost had the paddle ripped from my hands twice, but I rolled up and then managed to surf a few messy shore breaks into the beach. I looked at the wind, and the waves, (which were not giant in terms of height) and tactfully made a retreat. I walked the boogie back down the beach to Tiscornia. While I was doing this, still with a smile on my face, I realized that I loved kayaking enough to wait for a better day. I have had far better waves with far less wind and consequently some of the best moments on the water ever this year, (perhaps in part due to the fact that I almost moved away).

The magnetic fields song crazy for you but not that crazy came to mind. “I performed acts of devotion as if you were Ginesh…”


  1. intense. Great Post!

  2. Yup, you were right to stop surfing! Remember when you start getting tired you start to lose it and if ya have ANY problems out there they become VERY big problems after awhile! I decided not to paddle at Inverhuron both days and it was hard to do but I know my limits-good to set limits once in awhile-allows for paddling on another day!