Dew on the Edgemoor

We’ve officially become residents of Kalamazoo. We can immediately go out and buy the trendy black and white oval bumper sticker that says proudly, “zoo”. I’ve got two kid size t-shirts on order that say, “Yes there really is a Kalamazoo.”

I now live less than two miles from where I work. And in the most un-American tradition possible, I started cycling to work. I am a huge dork and I tell everyone who asks about the new house and its amenities, “I bike to work!”

The new house is pretty great, I’ve always wanted an Arts and Crafts style bungalow, and now I got one. Built in 1925.

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  1. the trick is in not caring how you smell

  2. I would bike to work too but then I would be really smelly all day long.

  3. I will most likely ride to work no matter what. From other bike commuters I’ve spoken to in Kalamazoo, there are really only one or two days a year you can’t ride.

  4. Congrats on the new home Keith! That’s awesome that you can bike to work. I wish I could do the same but my route would be about 9 miles on some very busy streets. Of course I assume you’ll be driving to work on days like today when there’s a blizzard.