End of Summer Surf Session

Jason Roon and I headed out to South Haven with the wind roaring in the treetops like an angry lion wanted them to fall over.

We arrived on South Haven north beach to see that the wind had died out almost entirely from the south west. We drove back to the south beach side and found some nice, chest high spillers. Slow peaky waves with a nice frequency. Jason took some nice photos for me, excusing the speedo shot.

I had the Maverick out with increased outfitting. The backband is still not right. Will give it another go tomorrow probably with a new backband.

Check out my “End of Summer Gallery”:http://picasaweb.google.com/kjwikle/EndOfSummerSurf at Picasa.

On a usability note, the gallery software is excellent for those with a PC. If you are looking for a good free way to share photos, give it a whirl.