Floating biotech boat for river cleanup

Biotech boat cleaning rivers
IO9 has been in my RSS feeds for a couple years now. I really like this sci-fi blog. While they do have a ton of information and articles about sci-fi shows, and movies, which clearly anyone who’s met me knows I am a sucker for; they also have great articles on interesting trends in astronomy, bio-tech, and ecology.

Well this article on a whale sized biotech boat the Physalia that floats around cleaning up waste seems to be a brilliant idea for rivers like the Kalamazoo! The idea is that it is for the rivers of Europe hence the pictures of Paris and the Seine. Imagine how many people would want to take a river ride that was actually cleaning the water between Galesburg and Saugatuck.

Floating river cleanup

It might need to be a little smaller for the Kalamazoo river, a whale sized ship might get caught in some of the windy bends near downtown.


  1. I know that the chances of getting a positive reply are about as good as winning the lottery but funny enough, that’s what I am asking about. I have a guy who says that he can win the lottery almost every time. He’s not taking about winning the big one but just winning a bunch of little ones, and then they can all add up to quite a bit. I just need to know if I am crazy or if this thing looks like it could realy work. There is a page on the web that goes over it so if you could take a look for me that would be great. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/sSsPdg

  2. That blurb is the largest collection of buzz words I've ever seen.

    Say, bad translation – "eco-designed from renewable energies"

  3. That is totally cool. Unfortunately for me, the L.A. river is about 6 inches deep most places.

    On a slightly related note, you might dig this guy's blog: http://weblog.nelsonelson.com/ Urban planning/architecture with a focus on sustainability.