Flotnar 3rd Annual Ice Paddle-1st annual Egg Mcmuffin

This I have to write down,

We stopped at McDonalds on the way to South Haven to paddle this morning. I hadn’t been in a Mcdonalds since some time last year. Apparently it is possible to pay for fast food with a credit card now. I was stunned as this was not possible for years, nor the last time I was in a McDonalds. I brought up this fascinating fact as I was paying for my meal, (with cash). The cashier says, “We’ve had credit card machines for a year.”

“Wow,” I said, it must be close to a year since I’ve eaten Mcdonald’s then.” The look of sheer incredulity was worth the price of the egg McMuffin.
“Where do you eat out?” She asked.

“Well I don’t, usually.” I answered. I started getting a-you’re not from this country, and we’re gonna call homeland security look from the folks behind the counter. I quickly dropped the subject, because my friends started backing away to disassociate themselves from me after this brief dialog.

Now the paddling part of the program.

Ok, I need to start remembering all my gear. I need a protocol droid to look after me. Someone tell me if they see a c3p0 for keeping track of paddling gear at Canoecopia.

“Master-Keith, (imagine tony daniels voice here) I believe you forgot your spraydeck!”

“Thanks 3P0, where’s my Whitewater/Greendland paddle?”

We had four paddlers show up at the South Haven Pier for the ice paddle. The last frosty holdouts of winter clung to the shore like limpets. Shelves were on average, 5-8 feet high, not as lofty as some years where 10-15 is the norm, but we had some excitement. I as, alluded to above, forgot my sprayskirt. And Matt had a brief unplanned swim. I saw a speedy two footer curling over and then take him by surprise. The same wave broke over me, filling my kayak obviously, and then I had to paddle out to pump out, while Jason got him back in his kayak. Luckily he was wearing a nylon drysuit, so he was pretty toasty already.

I managed to pump out and continue on my way.

Also I found out today, drybag is a misnomer. I held my camera in my lap in a drybag to shoot the photos posted here. But the drybag was 1/3 full of water when I got the camera out to shoot the pictures posted here. At least the camera’s ok.

I also got to see Tom Deater pull off a nice instinctive low brace, not bad for a second time on open water.

I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

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  1. I have bruises on my thighs from that exit. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted out of a kayak more than after I blew that roll. Even doing some practice rolls at the takeout was painful. I remember trying to get a breath while re-situating my paddle but was probably hyperventilating. I think next year I’ll have Gore-Tex and maybe I’ll be able to wear my fuzzy rubber hood, that thing is sweet but too hot for those nylon suits.

    Anyway was a fun little trip, always a bit surreal out there this time of year.