Freestyle Canoeing Videos

In the spirit of the olympics, now in full swing; I thought I might share the um… wilder side of paddling.

Freestyle canoeing! Freestyle canoeing is essentially the figure skating of paddling. A paddler in costume, (though not always) sets a series of maneuvers to music in a solo canoe on flat water. I believe there is a tandem or couples event as well. Would love to see videos of that. The rules for a sample competition are here, if you are morbidly curious.

There are those that would say any judged competition is not a real sport, there are those that would say if it is set to music and you have to wear tights it must be for sissies, well maybe; but damn if the freak flag isn’t flying high and proud in these videos. I wonder if Justine Curgenven will have freestyle in the final cut of This is Canoeing?

Editors note: I think I spotted Will Ferrel in the first video, so look out for Blades of Glory II, Freestyle Canoeing.

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9 replies to “Freestyle Canoeing Videos”

  1. I admire your work , regards for all the good posts .

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  3. I definitely enjoy every little bit of it and I have bookmarked your blog.

  4. Jonathan Hammond from NY did a great routine with the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Well done!

  5. j o h n says:

    These are all Canadiens, right? Occams razor, and all that.

  6. justine says:

    hi Ketih,
    Yes, freestyle is in the final cut of “This is Canoeing”. former gold medalists Karen Knight and Bob Foote peform beautiful routines – Karen gives a graceful solo dance, and Bob and Karen do a tandem routine. This film, called ‘Canoe Dance’ is playing at the Reel Film festival around America and Canada. You can see a preview of it on the Reel Film Festival website.

  7. Steve says:

    I’m fairly certain freestyle made it into TiC. Here’s a short film featuring Karen Knight called “Canoe Dance” by JC.

  8. marius says:

    Lovely! Do you guys invite any Freestylers to the WMCKA symposium?

    1. kwikle says:Author

      We invited Mark Molina, former gold medalist freestyle canoeist.

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