Had my first sub twenties commute of the year. I felt much warmer than last year. “Ninjaclava”:http://www.outdoorresearch.com/home/style/home/headware/cold_hats/balaclavas/87060 from Outdoor Research was a plus, as were the “Cyclone Booties”:http://www.pearlizumi.com/product.php?mode=view&pc_id=50&product_id=527547 from Pearl Izumi.

However as I had some new gear on that seems to be working out, I thought I would point out a few losers from last year that I thought would work out well but ended up failing miserably.

h3. The Bad and the Ugly

# The “EKG Base layer from Pearl Izumi”:http://www.pearlizumi.com/product.php?mode=view&pc_id=30&product_id=396469
I bought two of these as base layers. They were comfy and next to skin good for about two days. Both of them developed holes in the armpits that grew in size. Either I have acid in my sweat like a Geiger alien, or Pearl Izumi needs some QC/QA.
# Thermafleece Tights Pearl Izumi discontinued. These started out warm, snug, and terrific. They now have developed a hole in the arse and in the crotch. Again is it acid eating sweat, or poor QC/QA? Do the people that rave about Pearl Izumi all the time actually use their gear at all? For the price, almost double HIND or Sugoi gear; they better last more than a season.
# Louis Garneau Cycling Gloves-these things suck as cycling gloves. They do not block wind in anything below 45 degrees, and they are not water resistant.
# “Lendal Paddle Kinetic XTI White Water paddle-Previously posted”:http://gokayaknow.com/article/177/bad-mojo-broken-paddle

_Editorial note, they are shipping me a new paddle that has as of yet not arrived._

h3. The Good

# “CW-X Lite-fit Top”:http://cw-x.com/ss/products/mens/m_litefit
I bought two of these to replace the Pearl Izumi tops. One year on, they are still taking the abuse of my acidic alien armpit sweat. I’ve worn them under drysuits, ski jackets, and cycling jerseys. No rips no runs, still like new.
# “NRS Toaster Mitts”:http://gokayaknow.com/article/184/nrs-toaster-mitts
Great 30 dollar investment.

# “Mega Maverick”:http://gokayaknow.com/Mega-Surf-Kayaks
Great carving machine, many many fun rides in this downwave maniac. I can’t say enough good things about Mega’s surf boats. More fun than I am legally allowed to have.

# “IR Custom Drydeck”:http://www.immersionresearch.com/products/drydecks.html
Great heavy duty rubber randed sprayskirt custom made to my kayak. No more cold water ejections.


  1. I have a Pearl Izumi jacket and it does seem to be holding up. But, being a bit of a redneck I took an old pair of Hi-tech hiking boots and brushed on a coat of polyurethane for waterproofing; it worked!

  2. Chris:

    I have a shaft on order (warranty replacement) from Lee’s Outdoor fun and adventure in Kalamazoo. I guess they are on backorder due to a manufacturing backlog after the switch from Scotland to the US? I have the blades but no shaft. I also can’t seem to get any word on when the shaft will be shipped? The paddle broke at the beginning of November I think. So it’s been a couple months.

    Sorry if it sounded like I was slamming your paddles. I have traveled many times with this as my 4-piece stow and go paddle. I just hope the replacement will be solid, as my life more or less depends on the paddle while surfing! But I understand broken paddles sometimes happen. More than anything I appreciate the email and the offer. If you can find anything out about the shaft that would be great! PS Pearl Izumi could learn a thing or two from Lendal.


  3. Keith,

    I’m the Dir. of Marketing and New Product Development at Lendal. I’m sorry to hear about your paddle breaking. At Lendal – that is the last thing we ever want to happen – and why we try to ‘over-build’ our products.

    Can you please let me know what type of paddle blade & shaft you had? Specifics like length, blade name, and materials for each would be great. I will personally get you a replacement.

    Sorry to hear we let you down. Hoping we can still make it right.

    Chris Heffernan