Grand Rapids White Water Gaining Traction!

Rapid Growth Article covering

Over a year ago I helped put up a WordPress blog for Chip and I had a really good conversation about the idea of a White Water Park in downtown Grand Rapids. Chip, since then has been tirelessly campaigning for the idea. Suffice it to say that Chip has been really successful in both listening, and in making the message heard in Grand Rapids for the idea of restoring the natural flow of the river for recreational use.

This article from Rapid Growth does a really nice job of profiling Chip Richards and Chris Muller.

In the early part of the campaign there were a lot of concerns over what removing low head dams would do for recreational fisherman. Chip, an avid sport fisherman himself quickly laid those fears to bed by actively seeking input from the fisherman, and assuring them that the idea is not to remove their prime fishing spots along the Grand, but to redirect flow for use of white water rafting, kayaking and canoeing.

Money is finally being set aside for a feasibility study, and according to Chip:

“But more importantly, the DDA has set aside $25,000 of matching funds that will aid in our ability to hire a consultant who will determine the feasibility and the design for the implementation.”

I am really excited about all of this good news on the local white water front, and thanks to Chip and Chris for all of his hard work and those who have attended meetings, knocked on doors, made phone calls, or e-mails on behalf of the effort. Keep up the good work.