Guest Bloggers new blood for Go Kayak Now!

Marius Asipauskas

Part of the changeover from to Go Kayak Now was a hope that new perspectives could be added to the site. I’ve had my eye on a couple of paddlers for articles and updates for the site.

One of the first is a fellow mid-westerner, Ohioan Marius Asipauskas. I met Marius at one of our Surf events in Northern Michigan, that alas turned out to be a non-event, as so many planned surf events do. Marius is a proficient paddler in his own right.

Anyone who has watched Marius paddle can see a brain surgeon at work. His forward stroke is textbook, without appearing textbook. Marius makes a lot of things look effortless. To boot Marius is very analytical, the sort of analytical that is mind boggling to mere mortals; because he is also literally a NASA rocket scientist.

To quote Tom Waits, “what I do is sort of falling down stairs on purpose, what he does is brain surgery.”

I hope to have more insights from Marius as the year progresses. His first will be an analysis of a seemingly effective t-rescue.

Keith Wikle


  1. @Marius – that is simply not true. Just because you get someone in a boat doesn't mean it was effective. Poor technique lends itself to accident. Any rescue that results in injuries from the rescue itself is highly ineffective. I am not saying that you have poor technique and are a dangerous paddler, just an example.

  2. Now that is a blurb that makes me want to know myself better…

    And, just to defend myself, every rescue that puts swimmer back in the boat is effective.