High Performance Surf Kayak vs. Barely High Performance

Mega began making a series of Bullitt Surf Kayaks to meet the need for a barely high performance kayak. These kayaks are intended to fill the gap for personal surfing, but probably came out of a competition need for a boat with sick hull speed for washed out, big wave days with long paddle outs. Which is kinda funny because that’s what we’ve got in spades in the Great Lakes. So enter the Mega Bullitt X S.

HP Vs Barely HP
You can see from this picture my new Surf Kayak Mega Bullitt X S in XTEC layup, courtesy of Savannah Canoe and Kayak, compared to my Valley Rush Surf Kayak. While I dearly love the Rush for it’s hot off the tail turning ability and it’s speed down the line. I can’t wait to get the Bullitt out on a big day. I’ve only demoed the Bullitt on a smaller day and it was very fast and had ample carving ability.

Me, my surf kayaks and my shadow!
The Rush is around 7’6″ long and around 24″ wide. which provided a beautiful planing surface. The Bullitt S is 8’11 and 24″ wide, though it doesn’t look it from these pictures.

A look at the bottom of the both surf kayaks.

I have some outfitting pictures coming.

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  1. Hi

    Great site. I sold my Storm and got a sick deal on a new Mega Proton. My first day out I noticed the rails near my feet liked to bury themselves when I carved across or at the bottom of a wave. Eventually I found myself keeping my weight back more to prevent this. I plan to move my seat back as I like to have some weight forward. You have a Rush and seem to like it’s ability to carve and stay on top of the water. Do you think the burying of the rail is strictly user error or do the narrow Mega bows make them turn-from-back boats? Does the Rush’s bow width lend itself to carving with some weight forward as the Storm’s seemed to?


    Paul in PDX