How the sausages are made-The Edge shows us his guitars

The Edge Shows us his guitars

Bono once said that watching U2 make music was like watching the sausages being made, you would be happier not knowing what went into it. Of course, those of us who are compulsive U2 fans want to see the chicken bones and the baby toenails that go into the voodoo, here it is.

These videos of U2’s the Edge on the BBC are fairly enlightening. His guitar tech Dallas (Blonde guy who flits in and out of the video) seems to know almost as much as the Edge does about the tunings and the makes and models. The Edge seems to be able to make a lot of beautiful noise out of very little, which is pretty cool. It’s also very interesting to hear him talk about the different types of guitarists. The gunslinger archetypes, and the sideman archetype. He sees himself as the latter. Many would disagree with him and call him the zen master of gunslingers. The Zen Master does exactly what is necessary without moving his arms. I am definitely not a fan of the five minute ear-bleeding guitar solo, so I know what he means.