I am a huge dork

Brooks Tuiliq on order. I need help. I am now a dork. Just look at the photo.

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4 replies to “I am a huge dork”

  1. Wenley says:

    Not at all! You look casual Greenland. Sharp.


  2. keith wikle says:

    I would be giving myself a wedgie, but as you can see from the picture it’s harder than it looks!


  3. Jim says:

    Dork? Monks’ robes vs. skirts and tights? I think it’s cool as heck, Keith! It should make a great augment to winter paddling gear. I wasn’t aware they made one for keyhole cockpits. I guess I should have realized Alex had one on his playboat in Derrick’s videos…do you suppose it would fit the ol’ American 34X19 cockpits?


  4. derrick says:

    Dork!! 😉

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