Jeff Allen Keynote Speaker for WMCKA Symposium 2009

Jeff Allen Sea Kayak Expedition Photo

Jeff Allen renown expedition paddler, BCU Coach, and contributor to the increasingly awesome Ocean Paddler magazine will be the WMCKA Keynote Speaker for our 2009 symposium.

Jeff Allen is one half of Sea Kayaking Cornwall. Simon Osborne being the other half.

Jeff has a vast experience with long trips and a life long love affair with the sea. It shows in his long trips at sea in circumnavigating Japan, his trip to South Georgia Island, and his writing for Ocean Paddler Magazine. Jeff has written a series of excellent and I think groundbreaking articles on incident management for Ocean Paddler. I would recommend checking them out.

WMCKA is excited to have Jeff Allen come and visit us.

I would encourage particpants to sign up on facebook and friend Jeff Allen ahead of time.