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Jon Turk Photo Logic vs Magic
Jon Turk Photo Logic vs Magic

Jon Turk Adventurer and Dreamer

WMCKA was blessed to have Jon Turk give a talk at our annual symposium in 2007.

Jon gave an excellent talk about why we make journeys. Are they for rational reasons, or are they based on more intangible things, like dreams. This is an oversimplification, but it is the crux of the issue. I sometimes get accused of being very logic oriented. And in some ways this is true. In my work life, I deal with very linear things, user paths, urls, web analytics, search, usability and so forth. In my private life it is a polar opposite.

I think the greater part of my private life is spent fighting back the waves of linear thinking and logic, and thinking about dreams or magic. I enjoy my experiences at work, for now I do not feel conflicted about the dual nature of my life. I think you need balance. A balance between magic and realism. In some ways I hope magic wins out.

This world would be a limiting place without people who follow the path of their shadow on the water. I would hate to think of a world without people like Jon Turk, who will paddle/walk/cycle out past the horizon to see what happens.

I would like to think that even in my small way that is what I am doing every time I paddle, cycle, ski, or run. I think I have a bigger trip in me someday if my body will let me. I can certainly say that in my more extreme situations, such as surfing large waves, that I was not engaged with logic at all. When carving a wave as big as a house, you are engaged with a very spiritual force that for lack of a better term can only be called magic. If you tried to engage in logic, you would be lost.

Jon inspires me for all the right reasons. I think sometimes the adventurer call is an ugly competitive one rather than a simple call from the ether to see what is out there.

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