I think I may have single speed fever. I went through a lot of bike parts this year on Michigan roads with salt, ice, slush, flotsam and jetsam. I like the flexibility of a 10 speed cassette, but the maintenance when you ride every day is a bit much. I don’t think I will ever consider a single speed a primary bike, (maybe?) but I can’t justify a new cassette and chain every 9 months. The wife will kill me.

So I’ve begun researching a few single speed options. The “Bianchi San Jose”:http://www.bianchiusa.com/07_san_jose.html is one, as is a custom Surly Cross Check.

I have to say the simplicity part appeals to me, it is like traditional paddling, it works due to the lack of fewer working parts. Less can actually be more, you just have to build up the stamina.

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  1. When we were kids, we rode 20 inch, single speed, BMX bikes everywhere. Other than our sneakers, it was the only mode of transportation that we had. We never dreamed of riding anything else (mostly because cheap 10-speeds wouldn’t hold up to our abuse) We went out of our way to find anything that would serve as a ramp. Ahh…such sweet memories of a mis-spent youth. Sometimes, I would like to return to those simple days, and some days I remember that I am not a kid anymore, and it really hurts when you wipe-out.