Kalamazoo Pool Sessions Sponsored by Lee’s Adventure Sports

Lee’s Adventure Sports will be sponsoring Kayak Lessons and Pool Sessions throughout winter and into early spring.

Go Kayak Now! will be leading the ACA instructional program in the pool.

Please refer to the Go Kayak Now! Lessons Page for the calendar and details.

In short,

Every other Sunday starting Dec 13th 2009 between 1-3 at the Gable Natatorium Pool under Lawson Ice Arena on WMU Campus. Sessions will likely run until open water returns.

Open Pool time is $10.00
Lessons, either intro, Rolling, or Rolling and Bracing, Rescues, etc $20.00.

Lee’s will be renting equipment if you need anything for $10.00 for the session.

Email me, Facebook me, direct Tweet me, call me, or smoke signal me with any questions.


  1. Glad to see more pool opportunities opening up in SW Michigan. We need it!
    I’ll be there on the 27th.

  2. I am an intermediate kayaker, traveling on the PawPaw, Dowagiac (Dowagiac to Niles, Muskegon and Kalamazoo around the Ottawa Marsh and downstream. I kayak with Kenneth Neisbtt and friends a lot. I am 63, 6'4", 290# and not in the best of shape. I have a lot of trouble getting out of a kayak after being in it for several hours. I don't see myself wanting to roll but I would like to learn more intermediate level skills along with self rescue and assisting in rescue. I also am a Deacon in the Catholic Church and have obligations on Sundays which I can try to schedule to allow for training.