BCU Coach Level 1 May 21-24 2013

BCU Coach Level 1

We are attempting to start a tradition with the WMCKA symposium by offering an official coach training and updates for our staff, and coaches. In my discussions with President Steve Adsmond, we feel that this type of training would be of real benefit to our club, the event, and the region.

To kick off this tradition this year our Symposium Guest Speaker is Nick Cunliffe. Nick, AKA Nigel, is a fantastic paddler featured in various This is the Sea videos, and his own coaching series known as Kayak Essentials. Nick is also a BCU Coach 5. We had the pleasure of working with Nick in Wawa at the Gales and were blown away by his surfing, but also by his great coaching with our participants.

Nick has kindly agreed to fly in a week early and conduct a BCU Coach 1 training and assessment. This training is a terrific intro to Paddle Sports coaching award. It is multi-disciplinary, canoe, SUP, sea kayak, ww boat because as we all know, a paddle is a paddle right?

This training puts a lot of emphasis on fun, safe, and effective.

The training has several benefits:

The Coach 1 is a terrific program that is an intro to paddlesports coaching theory that is very different than what the ACA offers.

The training stresses on using less talking, more games and activities rather than lecture which fits with our symposium’s spirit. There have very few trainings in the last few years under the new BCU system.

This training will be run by one of the world’s best coaches Nick Cunliffe, who is not only great but also fun.
Paddle skills and safety are handled in a pre-req with inemitable Scott Fairty, so that the coaching event is solely focused on coaching, which is another differentiation from the ACA instructor program.

We need a minimum of 6 students, and a maximum of 12.

Below are the details.

This is the timeline and the steps you need to complete in the order you need to complete them to participate in the coach 1 including payment:

1. Fill out the BCU paperwork which consists of two forms, one is BCUNA membership and one is the BCUNA course registration form and send in to BCUNA.

Write a check to Sea Kayaking International for $150 and mail it to the following address before April 20, 2013:

Bill Lozano
BCU N. American Administrator
320 W. Saugerties Rd., Saugerties, NY 12477

2. Pay for all courses online on this linke with Summit Sports

3. Attend the following Pre-requisite paddle skills training weekend Apr 20-21 2013 held at Long Lake Portage at Ramona Park

Canoe/Kayak 2* Training Assessment Apr 20 Long Lake Portage at Ramona Park.

The 2 Star training assessment is an entry level canoe and kayak training to ensure rudimentary paddle skills are present when the Coach level 1 is offered. This is one of the primary benefits of the BCU program. It separates paddle skills from coaching, and therefore allows the Coach 1 to operate and focus solely on coaching theory.

Please read the 2 Star Syllabus to ensure you understand the curriculum.

Bring cash for $25.00 BCUNA fee, or payable by check to Sea Kayaking International.

Foundations of Safety and Rescue Training Apr 21 Long Lake Portage at Ramona Park

The FSRT is a requisite skill course training to ensure all participants can provide a safe environment for themselves and students. This course again is a major differentiation from the ACA in that this is a pre-requisite skill training and assessment from the Coach 1. This is a very fun course that offers a ton of great information that will be useful in both inland and open water environments.

Please read the FSRT Syllabi as it lays out all the skills and equipment needed for the course.

4. Attend the BCU Coach Level 1 Training May 21-24 with Nick Cunliffe and Scott Fairty on Long Lake Ramona Park in Portage MI.

Coach 1 Outline

Read the pre-course information and the course syllabus.

During the Level 1 programme you will be introduced to good coaching practice; the
topics covered include how to:

  • ƒprepare coaching activities, taking into account participants’ needs and motives
  • ƒ establish a safe working environment
  • ƒ deliver prepared activities
  • ƒ establish working relationships with participants and others
  • ƒ prepare participants for the coaching activities
  • ƒ support participants’ behaviour
  • ƒ conclude the activities
  • ƒ evaluate the effectiveness of coaching activities
  • ƒ evaluate the effectiveness of personal coaching practice
  • ƒ manage effective and appropriate bank and water based rescues

The coach 1 will be held leading up to symposium in Kalamazoo MI, on Long Lake in Portage with assistance from lee’s with classroom and equipment.

Please read and understand this course syllabi on the BCU Coach Level 1.

Also feel free to email me at go kayak now dot com with any questions, or sfairty at gmail dot com with any questions.