Paddling in Current

Paddling in Current

When: May 10th 1-4pm

Cost: $125

Where: 699 Hicks Street, Middle School Parking Lot

What: Paddling in Current. This course is intended for all levels of paddlers. We will use the natural features on the Kalamazoo river to teach students both the basics, and the more advanced aspects of paddling moving water.

Why: Paddling in moving water is really fun, everybody wants a free ride, make the most of it!

Course Outline: This course will teach students how to use the current of the river to their advantage. For students new to moving water concepts, we will introduce the following concepts:

  • Reading the water
  • Scouting for hazards
  • Ferrying
  • Breaking in and breaking out of eddies
  • Attaining features
  • Boat handling and directional control in current

For students with good rolling skills and some experience in moving water the above skills would be required plus we can also offer:

  • Scouting for hazards
  • Edge control
  • Surfing standing waves

Equipment Required:

  1. Canoe or Kayak with bulkheads or float bags fore and aft. There are rocks, so a plastic boat is probably a good idea.
  2. Lifejacket
  3. Spraydeck/closed cockpits only
  4. Painter lines/Canoes only

Please register for this course online here.
me @ go kayak now dot com