Kayak Surfing at the Pier at South Haven Michigan

Kayak Surfing Lake Michigan

John Fleming and I made it down to South Haven to go Surf Kayaking on Lake Michigan this saturday. Wind was 20-25 knots on shore with 3-5 foot waves at the buoy.

We managed to try and grab some rides very close to the pier based on how tame the conditions were. Plenty of wind that never quite developed into full blown 5 foot waves.

But we had a great time surfing closer to shore grabbing short snappy rides. Next time come on out, the water is definitely warming up!


  1. Great shot!

  2. hey where did ya get your surf kayak??? any surf kayak dealers in Michigan? Mega kayak dealers???

  3. nice photo, we had same type surf in whiting.next time good nw wind i will try to go to south haven. i hope u dont mind if i email u guys.