Kayak Surfing the Unfriendly Breaks

In the three times I’ve kayak surfed in California there’s always been a bad vibe from board surfers. Until you sort of creep out and slowly surf the premium part of the break. You have to show them that you aren’t going to kill them when you wipe out.

There was an interesting article with some editorial comments posted in the “Santa Cruz Sentinel”:http://santacruzlive.com/blogs/surf/2008/03/17/some-discussion-on-surf-kayakers/#comment-128
about the “Surf Kayaking Competition”:http://www.asudoit.com/kayak_fest/ in Santa Cruz.

It sounded like the editorial was fairly balanced, but that the comments got a little out of whack.

For my part as a visitor, I always approach with humility, but if I lived there I am not sure where I would fall on the militant line of rights to surf where I like.