Kayaking Expedition Challenges – Tierra Del Fuego

Often the biggest challenges with kayaking expeditions are on the water. Big waves, lots of wind, cold weather. Then there are the days where protesters steal your kayak in protest of high gas prices and intend to set it on fire. That might be a day where you pray for force 7 headwinds and a remote island with a lot of noisy seagulls. Unfortunately this is a real story that has happend to Barry and Justine on their trip around Tierra Del Fuego.

Luckily the protestors gave Barry’s kayak back unharmed shortly after it was stolen. It appears that the whole of Latin America is protesting the rise in energy prices. Violent protests have broken out across Chile, hot on the heels of protests in Bolivia. This is the sort of event one normally likes to evade completely when visiting a strange new place. The Christian Science Monitor reports that Punta Arenas airport was blocked by protesting truckers. This is not very far from where Barry and Justine are on shore. 31 People have been arrested and someone ran down three people with a truck.

Barry and Justine are having a rough start to their expedition down in Tierra del Fuego. Barry’s wrist has been injured somehow. Justine and Barry have been on shore much more than they would have normally. It sounds like the two of them are spoiling for a good crossing to keep the trip momentum up.

Good Luck to the both of them and I sincerely pray for less time on land and more time at sea, safe journeys.