Lake Michigan Surf Kayak Session May 9th 2009

Go Kayak Now! Lake Michigan Kayak Surfing May 9th 2009 from Keith Wikle on Vimeo.

Sticky pod with the knuckle mount second take. Great surf day, waves 4-8 feet. Wind was gusting 25-30 knots. Water was warm. I surfed the inside of the South Haven pier to have a wind break. The waves on the outside were much bigger-8 feet. The tops were getting blown down from the wind and making them hard to catch. So I stuck to the smaller 4-5 foot waves on the inside. The video doesn’t give much sense of scale, but you can tell that the waves are coming over the pier a lot which is about 5 feet above the water. My Valley Rush was filling with water at the end of the video, watch where I am bracing whenever I shift my weight. I found the leaks and will be fixing them.

Music is Wolf Parade: I’ll believe in anything.

Great fun to get out and grab some waves. Water was warm and the sun came out at the end. Perfect day on the water, leaks in the surf kayak aside. I can’t wait for a day with more sustained waves and a drop-off on the wind. I am really jonesing for another surf day. When you haven’t been out in a while that first look at a major surf zone with a bunch of soup is pretty intimidating. You can tell when I relaxed after the first ride when I smiled a little.


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  2. Fun day on the water!

    We got zilch from that system…