Lake Michigan Surf Kayaking Video-Sticky Pod Mount

Surf Kayaking Lake Michigan Sticky Pod Mount from Keith Wikle on Vimeo.

This is actually the first try on the sticky pod mount for the surf kayak. The mount even at the bow cuts out my head. I have a new tripod knuckle that should get my head in the shot, for people that care about such things. It seems funny to me to not have my head in there and you get a very interesting perspective on the way the water interacts with the kayak. It is simply a Pentax Optio W60 turned on and then edited in iMovie.

Surf 2-3 foot Lake Michigan 5-10 knot winds. South Haven South Pier.

Surfing my new Valley Rush. It seems the rush carves very quickly ahead of the foam pile. I am digging it. I just need some real surf.

Music is: Sigur Ros-Inní mér syngur vitleysingur from 2008’s Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

This is my first surf kayaking video with the sticky pod mount. Good fun. Edited out all the waiting around for a ride. I can’t wait to catch some real surf. I am getting stoked about the valley rush. I could carve really well ahead of the foam to regain the wave. Much faster than the plastic Mega-Maverick!!

In the future I will probably shoot lots of video and only do a best of compilation of the best rides rather than including a lame surf day five minute video. But because I was excited about the sticky-pod I threw it together anyway.

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  1. Very cool videos, Keith – both of them. (This one is the first kayak movie I have seen that starts out with a crotch shot and pelvic thrusting.)

    I am jealous of both videos, so they must be doing the job. Ie: Go Kayak Now! I feel like I should have been there! It looks like perfect sized training waves for me, but the movie would have been a lot more boring if the camera were attached to MY boat. Can I blame my inability to catch most waves on my plastic boat?

    BTW, the shots near the pier are awesome (and a little scary). It's hard to tell how far away the steelhead is.