Maverick Indoctrination

My Mega Maverick finally saw the sort of conditions it needed to properly surf our fresh water seas. Off Point Betsie Lighthouse near Frankfort Michigan this Sunday, 3-6 foot waves were pushing in from the southwest. It was a steady slug fest into the wind to get out. I caught a few outside rides, but most of the steeper rides were closer to shore. After two hours slugging it out with the wind. I risked heading over to the north side of the breakwall. Much to my satisfaction I found clean steep faces out of the wind whipping around the wall. I caught steady rides with nice diagonal runs towards shore on greenwater the whole way in. I broke back out several times and kept surfing until I couldn’t move.

The Maverick surfs steep waves really well and carves like a dream. It has great turning off the bottom and allowed me to hold my line well. I find I am able to hold a line better than I did in my Boogie due primarily to the sharper rail. The outfitting from the factory for lack of a better word is abysmal. I’ve made some decent foot braces, but I need to make some more hip pads, a custom backband to really get comfortable. A drain plug wouldn’t kill Malcom either…

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