Mega Surf Kayaks Now Available

Courtesy of “Grand Mere Sports”:

Mega Surf Kayaks are now for sale.

Mega Maverick and the Mega Neutron are both available for demo and for sale.

Both polyethylene kayaks are: $1150.00

h2. The Maverick

Following on from the great success of the X-Ray ,Mega are delighted to introduce the “Maverick” polyethylene surf kayak. Based upon the amazing Intruder and Mustang the Mavericks performance is astounding. Fast, tight carving turns with great dive back up the face of the wave.
Designed very much along the lines of modern wave ski hulls the Maverick turns very much “Off the Tail” making incredibly tight cut backs and lip turns. Down the line speed is awesome!

Theres plenty of room and floatation for bigger guys 6’3″ is no problem! Recent test pilot weighed in at 230lbs, (100kgs)
Outfitting includes Three fin boxes, triple laminate foam pillars, molded seat with foam butt pad insert, adjustable back strap, adjustable thigh braces toggle ties and footblocks.


h2. The Neutron

Mega’s latest surf kayak the “NEUTRON” is now in production. A 100% performance orientated barnstormer, strong emphasis has be put on power and how the kayak can generate more from the wave. When we finished with the power we took away the resistance – the result… With the flat hull low rails and power pocket rear end you will send this boat into orbit. Ski type Ariels, slides,360’s and floaters are here!
It offers the smoothest flowing ride on mellow waves, the ability to grip a wave like mad when things get bigger, speed that will alter your perception on life and carving ability sooo tight and soo smooth you will feel like your surfing …..a super grippy smooth thing!!
The Neutron is taking the Kayak surfing world to new limits – places that others can only dream of. Get a life, get a Neutron!