My Macbook Pro

I think William Gibson beat me to the punch by posting this on his blog before me. I had to post this though, as I think my ideal writing machine cannot be celebrated enough. Steve Jobs eat your heart out, I want one of these beauties. It is an actual working laptop! This “Japanese Steampunk Typerwriter”: kicks ass! The mouse is a telegraph button. (see below.

For those that didn’t know I have a collection of about 5-8 working antique manual typerwriters, my oldest one is from 1895, my newest from 1956. I really like the portable metal case variety. My favorite is the one I worked on all through college which was a 1946 Smith Corona Clipper.

The below typewriter is very much like mine, except that mine is black and has round metal keys. I like the one’s that are round and metal. Not plastic. They make a bigger clunking noise when struck. It used to drive my college room mates bananas when I would come home late from the bar and write poetry. Bang, bang, bang, zing!!!