My New Surf Kayak The Mega Bullitt X-S

As many of you probably know, my Valley Rush got off to a rough start in life with an abusive father who didn’t buckle her in properly before her first car ride to the lake. After three years of trying to limp her along, I decided to gently retire her.

I did some thinking about what I needed out of a Great Lakes Surf machine. I had resisted going for a longer surf kayak because I like how slicey the shorter HP boats are out of bottom turns. Releasing the tail out of a quick bottom turn to grab more wave is critical. Having a lot more boat to break out, and a lot more hull speed to attain short period fast moving waves will make life a lot easier. I managed to try a Bullitt S on a slop day on Lake Michigan and was able to carve beautifully.

Mega Bullitt Xs

Some of us get excited about new couches, or that new car smell, this will be my first new composite surf machine, I am pretty stoked to drop in on a steep wave this spring with my new Bullitt X-S. Let’s hope she gets off to a better start in her life than my last surf kayak.

Many thanks to Nigel Law of Savannah Canoe and Kayak for supporting Mega on the east coast!

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