Naturally Superior-Greenland Kayaking Symposium

Wawa Here I Come

I am really excited to visit Rock Island Lodge again. I am bringing the whole family this time to camp out and do the circle tour of Lake Superior.

Naturally Superior will be hosting their Greenland Style Symposium again. Their instructional staff is a young terrific athletic group of kids that really know their stuff. The site is beautiful beyond description you really have to see it to understand how special this symposium is. The food is also terrific.

My injuries all seem to have abated just in time, so I hope to see the surf is up when I arrive and to put the pedal to the metal!!!

In the meantime start checking out the Wawa webcam to see if you can spot me!!!

Wawa Michipicoten River Dumping into Lake Superior, crib light near rock island lodge, naturally superior adventures


  1. FOUND YOU!!!!! Hope you and the family had a great vacation in Canada, eh – awaiting pictures…

    Susan (aka “rolling dummy”)

  2. That’s fantastic. I taught at the first one a coupe of years ago and looking forward to probably going back up next year.

    No holidays this year!


    David H. Johnston