The forward recovery handroll has been my nemesis since I’ve started to learn it. The roll is basically a very swift ab crunch and vigorous hip flick almost simultaneously. I have the Norsaq assist part down pretty tight. I finally hit a few in the pool this week without the Norsaq. Of course they were not filmed…..

I hope to get a few more rolls filmed. I don’t fancy myself as a Greenland Tuiliq Guru. I think seeing myself perform these rolls let’s me compare against the form of others. Namely those who are much better. It also keeps me out of trouble.

One thing on this roll that I noticed at Qajaq Training Camp, Dubside when he demonstrated this roll for me started a lot further underwater than what I am in this video. His hand never broke the surface. I’d like to see his video!

Thanks to Jim Viviano for filming this and for the loan on the Dagger Transformer. Sweet pool practice boat.


  1. Looking good keith! I try to time my hipsnap slightly before my hand goes down as the boat rotation is slower than the hand stroke.

  2. No prob. I’m no Justine either…but I think my wife is actually thankful for that. ;-)Yeah, the Transition got a bad rap from the WW community because it came out like 2 minutes before planing hulls dominated the scene. It sure is a lot of fun to beat on it in the pool tho. It’s also nice to see what the boat can do even if I can’t yet. Thanks for the help on the Norsaq and hand rolls by the way.