New Commuter Bike-Bianchi San Jose

I picked up a new bike on Thursday from Loose Spokes.
The Bianchi San Jose is technically a cyclocross bike. It is a steel frame bike with top tube routed brakes. The bike is excellent, it is crisp and smooth on the pedal and seems to be very tough. I wanted a single speed steel bike for my daily Michigan commute in the off-season. I essentially went through every drive train component on my Felt F1X last winter. And while Ultegra is not Campagnolo it wasn’t cheap either. So I decided to go all out and buy a complete bike. The idea of a Surly single speed was very appealing, but a frame plus all the components I needed would be almost double what I paid for the San Jose.

I swapped out the stock drop bars for the Nitto moustache bars. I dug in and figured out how the brake levers come off, and then how to apply handlebar tape. Not really that hard. But I think I could’ve done a better job.

I think the bars are pretty sweet. Nice hand position. I just need to get my lights on it and maybe a new saddle.

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3 replies to “New Commuter Bike-Bianchi San Jose”

  1. kwikle says:Author

    I love this bike!!

    the only thing I might add to the review is that the crank, chain ring and chainguard are a little flimsy. The chain guard bent over time and now rubs against the chain on every stroke, I have a new chain ring on order.

    You can always swap a new crank and chain ring, and chain guard to this bike and be ready to roll. I rode all through winter with no problems.

  2. kubi says:

    do you still like this bike? I’m thinking about picking one up as my weekly “ride around town” bile, it seems to be exactly want I’m looking for.

  3. Matt says:

    Nice lookin’ bike.

    I’d been looking for a winterbike then someone gave me an old Huffy 12-speed. It was kind of a high-end bike in 1984 and has some french parts and shimano derailers.

    I stripped it down to the frame, painted it and sandblasted the brake levers. And a bunch of other work and parts that added up to a little over a $100. I also added cyclocross type knobby tires so hopefully It will do well in snow. The tires have made my commute a bit tougher. 5 miles each way.


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