New one-piece Surf Kayak Composite technology from Watertech

One piece Ona Watertech Surf Kayak

The world of two pieces of composite glued together is over, enter…. (cue dramatic music) the mono-kayak.

The ever-innovative Portuguese surf kayak manufacturer has a new product on the market announced on the company blog today. One piece carbon kevlar vacuum infusion surf kayaks. This sort of construction certainly eliminates a lot of weak spots.

My question is, does this one piece claim also include the cockpit rim. It would be awesome if it did, and even if it didn’t that would still certainly be one heck of a technological advancement in kayak manufacturing. The seam has always been a weak point. The next big question is, could this be applied to a sea kayak? Seeing as they have a lot more material, it would be a huge advancement to eliminate weak seams.

Surf kayaking has had some major advances in hull shapes and materials, Watertech being at the forefront is pretty interesting. Hopefully this keeps the rest of the industry on their toes. They have a full lineup of surf specific decked kayaks and waveskis made from composite and foam, epoxy, and minimal fiberglass.

one piece ona surf kayak

But for now bask in the gleaming black seamless blackishness of this awesome surf kayak, and ask yourself, could it be any more seamless? The answer is no, none more seamless.


  1. My rough guess is that they use a reverse vacuum plug to form the boat is it better for boat

  2. Sleek and Sexy – but how does it surf?

  3. Thanks for the Spinal Tap reference.

    I wrote to them yesterday to try to get some information on the manufacture process. My rough guess is that they use a reverse vacuum plug to form the boat and maybe an internal mold that breaks down in pieces so it can be removed via the cockpit?

    Who knows. All I know is that their boats look amazing.

    David J.

    • Yeah, it would have to be some sort of mold that comes apart from the outside and the inside. Doing my best to keep it turned up to 11.