New Sticky Pod Kayak Mounted Camera Rig

Sea Kayaking Lake Michigan South Haven to Van Buren State Park from Keith Wikle on Vimeo.

Sea Kayak trip-trying out my new camera mounting rig. I used a stickypod suction cup mounted right to the deck of the Nigel Foster Silhouette. It worked really well on the foredeck. And not so hot on the aft deck. The camera tended to adjust it’s position when rolling, or if waves hit it. And of course it is much harder to adjust the position of the camera when it is mounted behind.

This was a video of simple 8 mile paddle on placid conditions. This is the best Lake Michigan sea kayak trip to take beginners on in summer. Good scenery, lots of take out points.

Music is Stars and Sons from Broken Social Scene’s You forgot it in People.

Kalamazoo Kayak Pool Sessions

I got the idea from Photo Kayaker Fit to Paddle . He posted a set-up that looked compact enough for me to bother with.

$5.00 for a suction cup with a tripod. I have a tripod knuckle on order that will give some more flexibility in the framing of shots in the future. I also have a somewhat Ok surf video I am going to post as well. Better than my video with the camera stuffed in the PFD.

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  1. Hmmm…very intresting video !

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